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Do you know what a health & wellness check is?

Just like you take your car for an MOT, having a health & wellness check can be used to ensure YOU remain road worthy and on the right track with your health.

With many of us struggling to get an appointment with our GP in the past 2 years, you may now consider that a full MOT is just what you need.

As part of a wellness check, you will have access to a heart reading (ECG), blood pressure, urine test and a variety of blood tests that you can choose from, which will provide you with crucial numbers which can give insight into your overall cardiovascular risk, kidney function or liver function.

Knowing your numbers:

Knowing these numbers is important in healthcare as they can be a red flag for any areas of concern, but they can also provide a baseline of what is normal for you.

Having regular health & wellness checks also allows YOU to make informed decisions about your own health, diet, exercise, and other lifestyle choices.

Early access to help:

If your health check report does show any potential or actual problems, you can take this information to your GP, providing you with the opportunity to be referred for further specialist tests and possibly started on appropriate treatment. At times, even before you became aware of symptoms.

Preventative & Proactive:

Health & wellness checks can be considered part of Preventative medicine and have a proactive approach, allowing you to take responsibility for your own health.

Peace of mind:

Health & wellness checks can be booked by individuals for their own peace of mind or by companies wanting to provide this service as a benefit to their employees. For peace of mind, please consider booking either yourself, a family member, or your key employees for a health & wellness check.

If you would like further information on what Connexus Health & Rehabilitation can offer you, please go to our website, contact us directly on or call us on 0808 1963 688.

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