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At Connexus Health, we have recently invested heavily in our brand-new mobile health surveillance unit. This purpose built mobile unit will be able to travel to any business and be set up as a make-shift Occupational Health Clinic.

Bring our expertise directly to your company

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reminds us that, under health and safety law, employers are obligated to ensure workers’ health is not adversely affected by their work and that they are medically fit to carry out their work safely.

This includes:

  • Implementing health surveillance when necessary, as per risk assessments
  • Ensure your workers are medically fit for their role
  • Reviewing your risk assessment when a worker is returning to work following any period of sickness absence or if they declare a health condition

With our mobile unit, we can carry out your health surveillance needs as well as perform safety-critical medicals, without the need for your team to down tools for extended periods.

This results in saving both time and money for your business, ensuring your team is fit to carry out their required tasks. Make sure your control measures are effective and safeguard against possible litigation by having up to date surveillance.

Having surveillance in place will safeguard against possible litigation (H3)

Our vehicle is equipped to deliver:

  • Hearing tests – complete with an audio booth
  • Spirometry/ lung function tests – for those exposed to lung irritants or allergens
  • Vision testing
  • Skin surveillance
  • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) tier 1 – 3
  • Drug & Alcohol screening if required

How does Occupational Health benefit employers?

Occupational health contributes to the effective management of the health of employees at work. Providing occupational health services for staff can bring significant benefits to all organisations, regardless of size.

Effective Occupational Health programmes can deliver significant savings to an organisation’s direct and indirect costs by preventing occupational illness and promoting employees’ health and performance.

Our mobile unit will bring an effective occupational health clinic to your doorstep – what’s not to like?

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