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The pandemic and your body

Unfortunately, work-related joint and muscle problems have become more pronounced during the pandemic.

With a rise in the number of people working from home and having to work at inadequate workstations, this has led to an increase in people suffering from carpal tunnel, degenerative disk disease, reduced range of motion, nerve numbness, and muscle weakness.

People adopted a more sedentary lifestyle as they were mostly spending time in just one room. Even your daily commute time can be used to ensure good physical health. When in an office setting, there is always a reason to get up and move, whether it’s to go make a coffee, use the photocopier or to talk to a colleague.

If you have been unwell with COVID you may well have been less active than usual. Some of the treatments that are needed during COVID illness can also put extra stresses and strains on joints and muscles which can cause new or exacerbate ongoing issues.

Previous injuries are also re-emerging as people have had less opportunity to take care of themselves as they would have pre pandemic

Like many medical providers, physiotherapists saw patient visits drop dramatically in early 2020. However, in recent months, our team have seen an increase in clients, many of those visiting for pandemic-related problems having never needed physical therapy before now

With the recent lifting of restrictions and the move to encourage people back to the office, symptoms may well now become more apparent.

At Connexus Health & Rehabilitation, our physiotherapist’s goals are to restore your physical health and provide tailored exercises, designed to ensure that you maintain the balance in your work/home life

We will provide hands-on treatment including massage and acupuncture, as well as evidence-based rehabilitation programs, with tailored advice aimed at improving conditions which lead to pain or discomfort

We offer flexible paths to treatment, face to face appointments at our clinic in Warrington or secure, confidential video calling on a one-to-one basis with our physiotherapist. We can also provide clinically approved bespoke online exercise packs.

We believe in a holistic approach to treatment, and we are passionate about the long-term benefits physiotherapy can offer; both mentally and physically

Call our team today to discuss how our clinicians can get to the heart of your problem and treat you fast.

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