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Physiotherapy has a long history of being a practical and effective way of rehabilitating from and preventing injury.

However, if you are new to this type of treatment it is natural to have reservations about whether or not it is right for you.

Here at Connexus Health & Rehabilitation, we are passionate about the many benefits physiotherapy can offer people from all walks of life.

We’ve picked out five of what we feel are the key benefits of physiotherapy; a fantastic method of treatment.

Reduce your need to take medication.

Physiotherapy can provide practical ways of managing pain, which in turn can reduce reliance on medication. A member of the physiotherapy team is a qualified non-medical prescriber, who can advise on strategies to facilitate this process and can advise you on how to discuss this with your GP.

Maintain long-term physical independence

Physiotherapist are experts in rehabilitation and promoting practical ways of continued physical independence. All treatment types and methods can be tailored to suit each individual. This means regardless of whether you play sport, you are post-partum or you are elderly, there are specific physiotherapy programmes that will suit your specific needs and lifestyle.

You may need to maintain a good level of strength for a physically demanding job. Physiotherapists can advise on how to maintain and improve your strength and function, in order to help prevent injury.

Gain valuable knowledge about your physical health and strength

An integral part of any physiotherapy treatment is to help the client understand how their body works and gain insight into how their physical and mental wellbeing can be affected by a number of different factors. This helps the client to understand how they can further aid their physical health, and gives them the confidence to make a start in a safe and effective way.

Physiotherapy exercises can easily be done at home

We offer a personalised approach when implementing an exercise regime for our clients. We have a specific exercise programme, which we can tailor to the clients’ needs both face to face and through the mediums of email, text, phone and print. This allows both the physiotherapist and the client to monitor progress closely.

Physiotherapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, injuries and problems

Physiotherapy has a large background of research. This research consistently demonstrates that when a client has a physiotherapy consultation and treatment plan, it facilitates a quicker route to potential long-term recovery.

If you are interested in having a physiotherapy consultation at Connexus Health & Rehabilitation please visit our contact page or call us on 0808 1963 688.

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