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2020 was the year our perceptions changed on mental health

2020 brought mental health into sharp focus like no other year before it. It enabled people to start having conversations about a topic that has for a very long time remained a taboo subject. But now, with everyone on the planet sharing a traumatic and stressful experience, it has become clear that mental health is something that every single one of us deals with.

We’ve learned that good mental health makes it easier to maintain good physical health and vice versa; the two are interconnected. So, why wouldn’t we invest in our mental health in the same way we invest in our physical health by attending the GP, going to the gym and even simply stretching each morning?

What wellbeing means to us

Here at Connexus Health & Rehabilitation we like to use the word ‘wellbeing’, rather than saying physical and mental health. This is because the former still makes them separate entities, when in fact they are interdependent. Wellbeing to us means the wellness of every aspect of a whole individual.

Nutrition, exercise, mobility, core strength, emotional resilience, self-esteem, self-awareness and more. All of these things are necessary for any individual person to enjoy and maintain positive wellbeing. We offer a complete set of therapy services that can enable you to embody all of these things, including counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and even eye movement desensitisation reprogramming (EMDR). All of these therapies are proven to help build better mental wellbeing, which then has a domino effect on other areas of life.

In addition, our team of experienced and qualified therapists and clinicians are all very passionate about this concept of wellbeing and of treating the whole individual.

Watch this video, featuring one of our therapists and two of our physiotherapists discussing this very topic of wellbeing:

What does the future hold for wellbeing?

We believe that the pandemic has set a very long overdue change in motion. People have now experienced first hand not only the need to look after your mental health, but also the vast benefits that can be enjoyed and gained from doing so. Higher energy levels, better focus, more confidence, even more empathy and kindness towards others.

Investing in your mental health is simply another way of investing in yourself, which is always a guaranteed return.

If you would like to discuss our counselling treatments, which can be organised remotely, call us on 0808 1963 688. Our lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. We offer discounts for block bookings.

Alternatively, you can book treatments directly through our website or send us a web enquiry.

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